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AI Health Virtual Seminar:  Myth vs. Reality: Unraveling common misconceptions about heat-related illnesses


Ashley Ward, PhD Director, Heat Policy Innovation Hub Nicholas Institute for Energy, Environment & Sustainability with moderator Jennifer M. Lawson, MD, MA, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Faculty Associate of the Trent Center for Bioethics, Huma

Summer of 2023 served as a wakeup call for many regarding the impact of extreme heat. The toll on communities was severe. In regions of the US, planes were grounded, emergency departments and hospitals were at capacity, industry operations were interrupted, and the military cancelled training exercises. While it is not a secret, it is also not a well-known fact that heat kills more people in the US than any other weather-related event, and its impact on the health of the most vulnerable is severe. Moreover, as temperatures continue to rise, so do the risks associated with heat-related illnesses, making it crucial for health providers to stay informed and equipped with accurate knowledge. In this session, we will discuss extreme heat and its impact on public health, focusing on the prevalent myths and misconceptions surrounding extreme heat, shedding light on the realities that healthcare providers need to understand to effectively mitigate risks and provide optimal care.