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Magical, mysterious, eccentric fun will be the order of the evening as you travel with Director Moses Pendleton and his dance troupe MOMIX down the rabbit hole. ALICE, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, pulls off the magic with a fusion of dancing, lighting, music, costumes and projected imagery. As Pendleton notes, the Alice story is full of imagery and absurd logic - an invitation to invent, to let imagination run and play outside. He invites us to come play with MOMIX as Alice falls down the rabbit hole and takes us along to experience the transformation that these dancer-illusionists have offered worldwide audiences for more than 40 years. According to Broadway World, "Moses Pendleton and the entire company are notorious for consistently creating complex, dizzying universes and inviting the audience to join their new realities. And one thing is certain: Every ride is an incredible, unforgettable journey."


Student, Theater, Visual and Creative Arts