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Open Door Fellowship Informational Meeting

Join representatives from the NC Bar Association and Foundation to learn more about the NCBF Open Door Fellowship, a new opportunity for 1L students from historically excluded or under resourced backgrounds. As the largest voluntary legal organization in the state, the NCBA is uniquely positioned to open doors for law students for whom these types of impactful introductions and experiences otherwise might not be possible. All members of the NCBA seek to avail themselves of this "power of association" to some degree. Now, with the financial backing of the North Carolina Bar Foundation (NCBF), we proudly announce the NCBF Open Door Fellowship. We will be seeking applications from 1L law students attending a North Carolina law school. First-generation college and those from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds who are interested in practicing law in North Carolina are particularly encouraged to apply. This is a paid 10-week summer program. Sponsored by the NCBA, NCBF, and the North Carolina Club. For more information contact Gina Campanelli at


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