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The 2022 Updates to the CDC Cancer Cluster Guidelines and how they motivate new research


Erik R Svendsen, PhD, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC

The session will be about CDCs updates to our cancer cluster guidance that will be released soon. The goal will be to motivate academia to coordinate with public health officials to perform more quantitative assessments of cancer cluster alarms within communities where cancer cluster alarms are raised, and to motivate research across communities to better leverage statistical power to assess unusual patterns of cancer over larger geographies. We have developed better quantitative tools for assessing cancer clusters but the scientific capacity to use them varies widely within public health departments. Therefore, academic research centers could help fill that void to assist health departments with these types of investigations and to leverage their potential to learn more about the environmental risks factors for cancers. This seminar will be held in Field Auditorium (room 1112), Grainger Hall. Visit the seminar website for a livestream link to tune in virtually.


Health/Wellness, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Research